Focused on Student Development

ACS Curriculums

At ACS we utilize the following curriculums: Accelerated Christian Education School of Tomorrow, Teaching Textbooks, and Ignitia. These curriculums are individualized curriculums, which allow students to work at their ability level and to progress at their rate. Our academic curriculum includes skill building, goal setting, and character building—all with strong Biblical integration.

Small Student-Teacher Ratio

At ACS we believe in the benefits of a small student to teacher ratio as it offers numerous advantages that greatly impact the overall learning experience. With fewer students to attend to, our teachers can provide personalized attention to each individual student, understanding their unique learning styles, strengths, and challenges. This approach leads to improved student engagement, promotes a positive atmosphere for academic growth, and time for individualized support. Strong teacher-student relationships are established which promote trust, communication, and overall well-being. Students can experience reduced stress and anxiety levels as they find themselves in a comfortable space to actively participate in their learning journey. A small student-teacher ratio can be a powerful catalyst for achieving academic excellence and personal development, contributing significantly to each student’s overall educational success.

ACS student development

ACS fosters learning experiences.

ACS is about STUDENTS and building a better future for them and our community.