Dress Code

It is our hope that students learn to dress and practice good grooming in a manner that prepares them for the expectations of the professional work environment. We require clothing that is neat and modest while also being suitable for active play. Offensive and non-modest appearance will not be allowed and is under the discretion of the staff. Specific issues which may not be covered within this policy are also subject to the principal’s discretion.

The ACS Board of Directors has established procedural guidelines for student dress, in accordance with Christian modesty. The principal’s decision on the appropriateness of clothing will be final. Refusal to comply with the school’s dress code policy is an infraction under this code.

MONDAY through THURSDAY: Students will be required to wear Agape embroidered polo shirts or Agape themed t-shirts. Bottoms can be of any color. Leggings may be worn as long as the shirt falls below the buttocks. Shorts or skirts can be worn at school; however, they must be no shorter than mid thigh. Hats or head coverings are to be taken off before assembly and chapel.

FRIDAYS: Fridays are a non-uniform day. Shirts must not be offensive in nature. We are a Christian school and feel that students should dress modestly.

Monday through Friday:
Physical Education: Students must wear close toed shoes on the day of PE. Active wear and gym shorts may be worn on this day. Again, remember modesty as you dress for PE. School attire must be worn properly while on campus or any school function.

Students are expected to practice good grooming skills. Some good grooming practices include: the use of deodorant, wearing the hair out of the face so that the eyes may be seen, combing the hair, clean nails (no nail polish for boys), conservative make-up and jewelry, body free of permanent marker symbols, and hair must be non-distracting colors. Visible tattoos must be workplace/non-offensive to our standards. If deemed inappropriate for younger children to see, it must be covered at all times. No tattoos on the face. Ear and nose piercings will be allowed. No other visible piercings will be allowed. It is our hope to prepare students for the expectations of the professional work environment.

pants that are baggy and/or fall below the hips, pants that have holes or tears in them, pajama bottoms, or pants that drag on the ground. Shirts that reveal, are low cut, have secular bands, or have inappropriate writings on them may not be worn. Flip Flops are not suitable footwear. Decisions on appropriateness or the lack thereof, are within the discretion of the principal and staff.

Consequences for not following the dress code:
1st time: Verbal warning. In grades K-5, the parent will be called or texted. In grades 6-12, the student will be warned.
2nd time: An email will be sent to the parent stating the offence and the dress code will be attached.
3rd time: The parent will be called and asked to pick up the child or bring clothing.
4th time: The student will receive a 30-minute work detention after school plus the 3rd consequence.
5th time: The student will receive an after-school detention for 30-60 minutes plus the 3rd consequence.

Parents, please handle how your child dresses at home before coming to school in the morning. When a student violates the dress code and or grooming practices, parents will be notified and asked to come to school promptly and correct the infraction. Again, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child/children meet the dress code daily.

Dress code violations will result in the student receiving disciplinary action for repeated occurrences. Final authority of appropriateness in dress rests with the administration. Dress code violation notices will be sent home as needed.